Alfred describes a boat trip across the English Channel when their boat hit what they thought was mine.  Later they realized it was their boat's engine blowing. 

Allie Querciagrossa

Bud Spencer

Allie Q knows many Marseilles residence because he cut their hair.   In this interview he reveals he and other Marseilles High school juniors lied about their age in order to get into the service.  When they returned from the war Marseilles presented each of them a Marseilles High School diploma. 

Ray Page served in the US Navy.  Ra says he "loved being on the water" then, but Marseilles is a great place to live. 

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Don Lockas

Bud was drafted in 1942,  with Marseilles residents Mario Vangelist, Thomas Lipsey, Clement Hicks and George “Bud” Hougas.   The Times newspaper reports Bud landed with his unit on the beaches of Normandy, France on June 18, 1944.  Bud died in February 2018 at age 97, in his hometown of Marseilles.  Read more about Bud Spencer

Elmer served in the Pacific and Philippine islands.  Listen as Elmer recalls how his military service started and ended from the same Rock Island railroad depot where his interview is being recorded many years later. 

Jack Frost

Don explains why brothers were separated in the service.   And then how he acquired a Japanese rifle.  

​Marseilles World War II Veterans

World War II altered the lives of many Marseilles residents.  Local industry adapted to the war.   High school graduates were drafted to serve in the military.   A few high school students joined the service before graduating -- listen to their stories below.

On Veteran's Day in November 2017, several Marseilles WW-II veterans visited the Museum and told their stories.  Their stories are captured and archived in the videos below. 

Alfred Boaz

Jack served in the US Navy, and recalls the day the US dropped "the bomb".

Ray Page

Elmer Gunderson