Rev. Pastor Howard Buchholz.   The history of this church goes back to 1890.  For years this church shared a pastor with the Stavanger IL Lutheran church.

First Church of God

First Congregational Church

This church has 150 years of history, dating back to 1867.  In 1890 they purchased their current property for $ 1.  It was a swamp at the time. 

The Museum hosted a Marseilles Church History event June 10, 2018.   Great stories and food were shared.  Watch the videos below to hear a brief history of each church. 

‚ÄčMarseilles Church History

Bill Clark.   This church began in 1930 in a tent, then moved to a hall above a cigar store.


Immanuel Lutheran Church

Bryan Hefner reports their first building was built in 1931 at the corner of East Bluff & Indiana St.  Ten years later they added a basement.   

Pastor Colleen Lawrence reads a 1858 story describing Marseilles churches.  And later stories of Marseilles church women banding together as the Women's Christian Temperance Union. 

St Joseph Catholic Church

Closing Prayer

United Methodist Church

Deacon Ron Wackerlin.   St. Joseph's was first organized as a mission parish in 1862.  The current church was build in 1951 on property donated by the Bolatto family.   

First Baptist Church


Rosemary Martin provides a very entertaining history of this church, starting with its first pastor back in 1866. 

Seattle Sutton starts the meeting with a train whistle.

The Church of the Nazarene