Upcoming Events

We are resuming Museum events in 2022.   Here is what's planned:

  • Open every Saturday 1 PM - 3 PM.
  • ​June 26, 12:30 PM - Local Churches.  Pot luck. 
  • July 9, 1 PM - Open for Marseilles Fun Days.  Train rides. 
  • Aug 14, 1 PM - Past Mayors of Marseilles
  • Sept 18, 1 PM - History of Nabisco  
  • Nov 11 - Veteran's Day 

Recent Events

Here is a story about Marseilles barber Allie Q, told by his daughter: 

This Museum event recognized barbers in Marseilles.  Watch the video to learn more

May 15, 2022 - Marseilles Barbers

We were open during Marseilles Fun Days and to celebrate Seattle Sutton's 90th Birthday.  Train rides and new exhibits including a wedding gown Seattle sewed for herself.  

151 Washington St, Marseilles, Illinois, United States
(815) 795-6135  • (815) 795-7976 • info@ssmmi.org

July 10, 2021  - Fun Days


Mr. Darrel Boren of Boren Blasting in Marseilles (sadly deceased now) was sitting in my dad’s barber chair one day and dad politely asked him, “Darrell, when are you going to hire about 10 girls at Boren Blasting so I can send my daughter down to apply for a job?”

Darrell smiled at dad and said, “Send her down tomorrow! My secretary just quit to get married!”

After applying at 42 places and hearing 42 "No"s, I was thrilled! Darrell hired me that very next day! My size didn’t matter to Darrell. He hired me on my merits, and I enjoyed working for him. Without that ‘barber chair chat’ I may never have found a job. 

The Museum's scheduled events are listed here.  You can also request an appointment to host your visitors and view our collections during reunions or other community events.  Contact us (phone 815-795-7976) to arrange a time for your group's visit and share our amazing history.